Small Business Tax Preparation

Handling your own tax preparation for your small business can be a scary, stressful, and time consuming experience. Saint Louis tax preparation expert James Coats can help your business with your tax preparation and filing. Call us today at (314) 645-1614 to get started on your 2017 small business tax returns!

Maximize Your Tax Deductions

Tax deductions for a small business are complicated, and errors can lead to overpaying and even penalties by the IRS. When you use an expert Saint Louis CPA from STL Tax you know that your taxes are done right, so you can maximize your deductions for your business.

Tax Planning

Small business tax prepBusiness tax begins with good tax planning.  Your business needs to be in the right legal entity with an accounting system that catches every deduction with easy access to a tax professional.  Finding every legal tax deduction using an effective strategy for small business tax preparation is what my firm specializes in.  I will confess that my business clients who keep their own records usually have to work a few hours collecting documents at tax time but those hours are well worth it.  The tax savings often amount to thousands in tax savings which make this some of the highest paying work they do all year.  My firm doesn’t stop until we have found every legal tax deduction and saved you many times our fee in tax savings.

Whether you are self-employed, or own a business with multiple employees, STL Tax can handle your small business tax preparation. When you are getting ready to submit your tax information to our accountants, please reference this small business tax preparation checklist so you can have everything in order so we can properly file your taxes.

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