Starting A New Business

Missouri Small Business Accounting

Saint Louis CPA James Coats

Starting a new business can be very challenging, and you may have a lot of financial questions when starting or buying a new business. Saint Louis CPA James Coats has the knowledge and experience to help you and your new business.

STL Tax can help you with some of the most common new business questions including:

  • Should I form an LLC or Corporation for your new business?
  • How do I obtain tax id numbers, which tax id numbers do I need, and when do I need them?
  • How do I hire employees?
  • How do I set up your bookkeeping and accounting system?

Hire a Local Accountant

Saint Louis Accountant James Coats can advise you on all of these issues, or even handle them for you! Don’t worry the stress of managing your own bookkeeping when you can have an expert CPA handle it all for you, so you know its done right!

Even a small businesses bookkeeping can be very overwhelming, especially for someone doing it the first time. When you hire STL Tax we take that stress away from you so you can focus on running your business.

STL Tax can help small businesses and organizations across the Greater Saint Louis  area with obtaining tax identification numbers, managing Quickbooks, tax deductions and tax preparation, and more.

Call STL Tax today at (314) 645-1614 to learn more about our new business accounting services.