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Does Missouri Offer Payment Plans for...

Missouri tax debts

Many people know that the IRS offers payment plans for tax balances owed by individuals and businesses for their federal taxes, but not everyone knows that Missouri offers payment plans for paying off taxes owed to the sate.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Y...

failure to pay taxes

Failing to pay your taxes can lead to serious consequences. The IRS is one of the most aggressive debt collectors out there, so it is important to pay your taxes as soon as possible, even if that means setting up a payment plan and paying your tax debt over time.

Does The IRS Offer Payment Plans For ...

tax payment plans

Sometimes people have a little trouble paying their tax debts to the IRS. Fortunately, the IRS understands this and offers payment plans for taxpayers who are behind on their tax payments.

What To Do If You Have Tax Troubles

tax troubles help

Tax trouble sufferers know that worry is a constant companion, that their lives are stuck in helpless limbo because disaster is looming just over the horizon.  Not knowing when tax trouble will finally catch up with them or how bad it will be is the worst part.  It never seems like a good day to […]

What To Do If You Get Audited By The ...

tax audit

For most people, getting a tax audit by the IRS can be a scary and stressful situation, but with proper preparation getting through a tax audit may be easier than you think.

Can I Get a Payment Plan for My Past-...

tax debt

If you owe money to the IRS for past due tax obligations you can arrange for payment plans with the IRS to pay off your past due tax debt. It is ideal to pay your tax debt in full when it is due to avoid penalties and fees, but sometimes that is not possible due […]

What Happens If I Miss The April 15th...

late filing taxes

2013 tax returns that are due a refund have until April 15, 2017 (October 15, 2017 with an extension) to be filed with the IRS before the statute of limitations on the refund runs out. If you don’t file by then, the U.S. Treasury simply keeps your refund as a “donation.”

7 Common Tax Myths

tax myths

Tax laws can be hard for many people to understand and follow, especially because changes to the tax code are quite common. There are many myths regarding tax law, and in this article we will debunk a few of these tax myths.   Filing taxes is voluntary. This is not true at all. The 1040 instruction […]

Common Tax Preparation Mistakes

tax preparation

Mistakes on your tax returns could mean a lower tax refund, an audit by the IRS, and even tax penalties. Here are a few common tax mistakes.