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2017 Self Employed & Small Busin...

Saint Louis Tax Preparation

Saint Louis CPA James Coats can help you with your small business and sole proprietorship tax returns and tax deductions. James Coats is an experienced small business accountant that can help you maximize your refund and make sure your tax return is properly filed. When preparing your tax information for us, please be sure to […]

2017 Rental Property Tax Checklist

Saint Louis Tax Preparation

If you rented out a property in 2017 STL Tax can help with your tax needs. Our Saint Louis based accountant can help you get the most out of your tax refund by properly claiming all of your rental property tax deductions. When getting your tax documents ready for our CPA, please provide the following […]

2017 Tax Return Preparation Checklist

2014 tax returns

Use the following guide while gathering up your important tax documents for your 2017 personal tax returns. Please bring all required documents with you when having our tax preparation experts prepare and file your Federal and Missouri tax returns.

Federal Tax Deadline Extended for Mis...

Missouri Flood Victims Tax Deadline

Victims of the 2016 flooding in Missouri will have extra time to file their 2015 federal income taxes. The IRS announced that flood victims will have until May 16th, 2016 to file their 2015 federal tax returns.

Does Missouri Offer Payment Plans for...

Missouri tax debts

Many people know that the IRS offers payment plans for tax balances owed by individuals and businesses for their federal taxes, but not everyone knows that Missouri offers payment plans for paying off taxes owed to the sate.

Small Business Loan FAQS

Small Business Payroll Services

Many business owners have a lot of questions about getting loans for their small businesses.  Below we answer some of the most common questions regarding small business loans/

10 Small Business Accounting Basics

Saint Louis Small Business Accountant

Small business accounting can be overwhelming for a small business owner. Practicing good bookkeeping and accounting can make or break your business. Below we go over 10 basics to small business accounting.

Where Do My Federal Tax Dollars Go?

How Federal Tax Dollars are Used

Federal tax dollars are used to finance a lot of public services, including social security, the military, social welfare programs, education, and more. The following chart outlines how federal tax dollars are spent.

Tax Law Changes for Your 2014 Tax Ret...

Tax deductions

There are several important changes to tax laws in the United States that will affect your 2014 tax return.

How To Deal With Small Business Debt

business debt

Utilizing credit via credit cards or loans can be beneficial for new or growing businesses, but sometimes businesses can take on too much debt which can cause the business to fail. When a business takes on too much debt there are two options; try to save the business while attempting to settle your outstanding debts, […]